The memorial service started at 11 am on that clear, crisp, beautiful fall day. But at approximately 10:30 that morning, a small pre-memorial service was held and attended by the Cutrell family and a group of close friends that the Cutrell's had asked to sit with the family. Those who participated in the service were also present.

Jimmy and the other members of his family had made the decision long before that when they passed on to Glory, they would have their earthly bodies cremated.  Marolyn and Kel Lee had decided to have Jimmy's ashes interred at a beautiful memorial gardens in the back part of the campus of the Gainesville First Methodist Church.  The area is quite simple, basically consisting of a small path into a wooded area, and a message board type structure at the start of the path where small brass plaques contain the names of the individuals whose ashes are interred in the garden.

The memorial garden was particuarly beautiful on the day of Jimmy's memorial service as the sky was cloudless and blue, the fall colours were still very much in evidence, and enough of the leaves had fallen to provide a beautiful view of Lake Lanier sprawling below.

If you have the opportunity to visit this location, you will find the memorial gardens in the back right corner of the property . You will want to view the names on the brass plaques and take a stroll through this beautiful spot.