On October 28th, our dear friend, Jimmy Cutrell passed on to Glory after a wonderful life of ministry to his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. His life of service and ministry has had a profound effect on all of us that were blessed to have been touched by this wonderful man of God.

The memorial service to celebrate Jimmy's life was held at the First Methodist Church in Gainesville, which was Jimmy's final place of service. The service was filled with his family, fellow members at First Methodist, and many, many friends from the two major periods of ministry in Jimmy's life.

While not his first ministerial position, his long service in Gulfport, Mississippi was where many of us were blessed to be a part of Jimmy's ministry, and most of all, blessed to be Jimmy's friend. And not surprising to anyone who knew Jimmy, this was followed by his second and longest period of ministry which started in 1983 and continued for 26 years until he went to be with the Lord on October 28, 2009. This period of his minstry was with several different congregations in Gainesville, GA.

Many of the people that Jimmy touched through his life now live many miles from Gainesville and were unable to attend what was in my life experience the most celebrative, uplifting memorial service I have ever attended. And I will likely never attend another such service in my life because this service was absolutely unique, as was our friend Jimmy.

About half way through the service I surprised my wife when I reached down and got an offering envelope and proceeded to write my name and email address on the back. This was because at that point in the service I realized that this was an exceptional worship and praise experience, and I wanted all of those that were not able to attend this service to be able to experience as much of the spirit of Jimmy and our Lord that we were feeling at that moment. The email address on the envelope was so that I could give it to Jerry Elder, one of the four people that gave eloquent remembrances of Jimmy. I already had the email addresses for the other three. I wanted to get a copy of their rembrance speeches for this web site. (Note: when I was able to obtain the actual audio recordings, I elected to not include the written text as the audio does a far better job of conveying the nature of the service).

This website is the result of that experience.

As those of you from Gulfport know, I am the techo-geek of the group. I was back then, and I guess I still am. So I can do this computer stuff, and am doing this as one last gift to this man that I loved so much.  But the real work both in planning the service and in providing me with the content for  this web site was Hugh Norman. Hugh and his wife were very close friends of the Cutrell's. I first met them last year when we both happened to visit Jimmy during his stay at Shepard Spinal Center in Atlanta. We were re-aquainted as we visited with Marolyn and Kel Lee not long after Jimmy's passing. So I want to extend my sincere thanks for what Hugh did both for Marolyn and Kel Lee, but also what he did by collecting and getting me the audio recordings, the program, and the 250+ pictures of all parts of Jimmy's life that was shown during the reception. Thank you Hugh!

Please pass the address of this web site on to any friends you may have that you think would be interested. The address is simply "jimmy.wardsrus.net". If you would like a DVD containing the contents of this website including the audio recordings and the pictures from the reception slide show, please email me with your name and address and I will be glad to mail you one.

Yours in Christ,

Bradley Ward